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Good Morning Prayers for You, Short Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

Feel free to say these prayers each day in the new year of 2015 and pray it to God with all your heart. May you find him everyday in the little and big things that you do.

Short Morning Prayer to Start Your Day ImagesShort Morning Prayer to Start Your Day

1. Lord I thank you for another year that gives me another chance to be a better person. Its a time which gives me an opportunity to correct the things that have gone wrong and to live a life of joy and goodness. May I always be pleasing to you in everything that I do. Amen.

2. Each day of this year I hope that your hand is always with me guiding me on the right path. If I veer away from your wisdom, please gently take me back on the path that you have set for me. For that is the only way I will find true happiness and peace.

3. Love is a beautiful feeling and I’m thankful to you Lord for loving me with all your heart. Help me to be a loving child to my parents, a kind husband to my wife, a great example to my children and a loving image of you to strangers and everyone else.

4. With all the love in the world you created me and you know me like no one else ever has or ever will. Please protect me this year from all evil and hold me in your tender arms with love that lasts for a lifetime. I will always thank and bless your holy name.

5. Whatever that is to come in the year ahead, I pray that you glorify yourself through me. May I be your hands to do good works, your mouth to speak words of wisdom and peace, may I be your ears to listen to people who have been pained and a source of blessing to people who desperately need you.

6. The past year had both good and bad experiences and this year I am believing for a better year Lord. I know that you love me very much and you care for me. Thank you for all the great things that you are about to do in my life this year. I love you and praise you with all my heart. Amen.

7. Help me this year, my God to let go of the things which have been a block on my way to success. Please grant me your wisdom to see the obstacles and walk away from them. If I fail to get over them then please give me the strength to give them up. Thank you Lord.

8. In the year that went by I have had many temptations and difficulties. Even in those situations, you have always been a present help to me. May this year be a year of grace and peace and may you always be there with me on this journey through life.

9. As the years pass by one by one, this year I want to be like a fragrant candle which burns brightly to enlighten the lives of others. You have blessed me abundantly all these years and I hope to pass it across to others. I hope that many people find your goodness and kindness through me every single day of my life ahead. Amen.


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