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Morning Prayer Quotes – Prayers for the Start of Day, Inspirational Quotes

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Prayers Quotes for the Start of Day

When I woke up this morning and heard the birds singing my heart was filled with joy and happiness. Thank you God for all the wonderful things you have created.
-Elizabeth Thor

Please bless me Lord on this wonderful morning that you have created. Today I hope that I will be able to help someone in need. That I can be their anchor. Please bless me God and give me strength.
-Jill King

Every morning I wake up I feel blessed. I am blessed because God gave me life and that I am able to enjoy all of his wonderful creations. Thank you my Lord.
-Hope Greene

When you wake up in the morning you know that you are alive. God gave you the strength to get through another day and that is a blessing. Thank God every morning for the gift of life and happiness.
-Amelia Mayer

Every morning is different. It can be sunny or cloudy. God blessed me to enjoy and live every morning possible.
-Sophie Siemens

Mornings are defined as Life. Mornings are full of life and beautiful things that God created. I thank you God for giving me the blessing of living and experiencing life.
-Jenna Victoria

Another morning means another challenge. My Lord God, you know what challenges I will face today. Please bless me with your strength and help me pass through the challenges that I will face today.
-Mary Jane

God you created this wonderful world. You created this wonderful morning and all other wonderful mornings. I thank you every day for blessing me with the wonders and various phases of life.
-Andrea Darling

Dear God today I want to be better than my previous day. This morning you have blessed me with is wonderful. Please God give me strength and guide me of becoming my best self.
-Diana Ling

Thank you God for everything. Thank you for this beautiful morning. Thank you for my beautiful family. Thank you for my lovely friends. Please God keep us safe and bless us with your knowledge of being and becoming better than we were yesterday.
-Maria Leiden

It’s morning. Birds are singing, sun is rising and God is watching. My Lord you have blessed me with this beautiful challenge called life. God I know that you will give me strength for overcoming this challenge.
-Debbie Marshal


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