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God Good Morning Quotes – God Thank You Morning Greetings, Messages

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God Good Morning Quotes

Gods goodness and kindness goes far above and beyond what we can think or imagine. From the time you were born until this moment, he has ensured that you have a roof over your head, food on the table and comforts like computer and internet. Thank God everyday for he is good.
~ Joe Santos

Look up to the skies and see the beauty with which the Lord God created everything. He made the birds, the flowers, beautiful rivers and so much more. He is truly the greatest and is worthy of being thanked and praised. ~ Stella Jonah

There are blessings in store for you in the future, God has an amazing plan for your life and if you stay in faith, you will witness his goodness and kindness.
~ Joel Stern

It is not easy to have faith in God’s just judgment when facing problems that are not of our own making. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but nothing escapes the notice of the Lord. No matter what you might be going through always know that God is working behinds the scenes and in His acceptable time He will stretch forth his hands to you.
~ Rachel Mercedes.

It is vital to always find what God wants you to do in whatever circumstance you might find yourself in. You can never go wrong with such reliable guidance, even when faced with troubles that seem too big for you to handle. The Lord works in mysterious ways and what you might think is a challenge can be a blessing in disguise.
~ Jane Patterson.

As most individuals might understand God’s love for his children is unconditional. He has never been known to hold past grudges on his believers, and once he forgives, he forgets. Why not try to follow his example and happiness and peace of mind will always be yours.
~ Anna Dolly.

The main thing in life as the Lord said is to have intimate relationship with God and also your neighbor. There is no obstacle that true love cannot conquer. A firm conviction that each and every single thing happens for our good is indispensable in braving the trials of living.
~ Maria Anderson.

Jealousy comes a close second after rebellion in the list of worst sins. It can effectively restrain you from loving our neighbors and even functioning as part of the community at large. Let us try to count our own blessings before coveting others blessings.
~ Antoinette Leblanc.

Every single action you take should be guided by God who though is invisible can be felt in every aspect of life. Both the good and not so good circumstances.
~ Alicia Churchman.

We always gain courage and inner strength by facing fearful predicaments in the face. Nothing is too difficult for God, and trusting in His fathomless love for you as His child, will see through all tough circumstances.
~ Fanny Little.

In order to find God we must understand that He can never be found in noise and turbulence. God is a very orderly being, and it is in deep silence and serenity that we can ever hope to hear and receive from Him.
~ Sandra Natasha.


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