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Happy Good Morning Wishes, Happiness Quotes, Sayings and Messages

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Sometimes just a thought about you can light up my morning and then I just cannot stop smiling. I am happy beyond understanding and my whole day is happier than any other ordinary day.
~ Tom Schedar

There is always a temptation to think about yesterday and become sad today and there is also opportunity to worry about tomorrow. But I have made up my mind to live for today and be as happy as I can be.
~ Danny Com

I feel loved, I am blessed. I have a roof over my head to shelter me and I have a comfortable bed on which I slept all night. I have a good family and friends who love me. Nothing can stop me from being happy this morning.
~ Lima Chorea

Happiness is different to different people. To some it may mean love, to others money, some others may find it in family and food. You just need to know what is your happiness and then go for it.
~ Jenna Atkins

My heart is set on happiness and I will not turn away. It is a feeling that I just cannot let go because happiness is a part of me. I don’t need to call it, it just resides within me.
~ Benny Ion

I was about to droop and become sad but then the sweet chirping from the birds made me cheerful. I was about to give in to unhappiness but the big bright sun just put a smile on my face. Happy morning to you!
~ Kong Lord

Staying happy is a choice that each one of us make. There will always be problems and unhappiness around but the ultimate choice is with us. Make the happy choice this morning.
~ Rory Velvet


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