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10 Lovely Good Morning Sweetheart SMS – Nice Good Day Quotes for him

Nice Good Morning Messages Images, Wallpapers, Photos Lovely Good Morning Sweetheart Images, Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures Download10 Lovely Good Morning Sweetheart SMS

1) I wish I could say this to you, face to face. I wish I was right there beside you, at your place. I wish I could look deep into, your romantic gaze. I wish we were together right now, to embrace our love’s blaze. Good morning.


2) Even before you have your first yawn, even before you step out to see the dawn. Even before you have your morning coffee, I want you to close your eyes and think of me. Good morning.

3) As the early morning sunrise creeps through the blinds, being with you is the only thing on my mind. I love you.


4) Gazing outside the window and thinking about you while I sip my morning coffee is the best part of my day. Good morning handsome.


5) The warmth of every single ray of the sunshine reminds me that I was meant to be loved by you. Good morning.


6) I was smiling all night long, because I was dreaming about you. This morning too, is drenched with our love’s dreamy hues. Good morning.


7) Even the most profound quote about love can’t do justice to the bond between you and me… because we both have been brought together not by chance, but by destiny. Good morning.


8) I dream about you while rolling around in bed, remembering all the romantic things you’ve said. I think about you, with every breath I take… baby you are the icing on my life’s cake. Good morning.


9) I woke up with a sweat… not because the morning was too hot to handle, but because my dreams about you were too hot to handle. Good morning.


10) Happy thoughts are the only cure for a sleepy morning… and I feel the happiest when I think about you. Good morning.


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