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Good morning Quotes for married couple – Romantic Morning Wishes for Hubby or Wife

Good morning Married Couples Images, Wallpapers, Photos, PicturesGood morning Quotes for married couple

Surprises await throughout life’s journeys, but the best one ever and true shall remain the day that I met you. Good Morning
~ Fortune Links

Trust and love are two simple values that build the bridge between two unknown souls, walking on the road called Marriage. I learn t it from you. Good Morning
~ Ashley Warren

Every morning I wake up and see you sleeping like a baby next to me, brings a smile on my face and assurance that I am not alone any more. Good Morning
~ Janet Blake

At the beginning of our marriage, craziness over took my entire life, but what matched with mine is yours and we called it love. Good Morning
~ Grace Whitefield

Dreams are truly where I lived and waking up with you showed what it meant to live in reality. I now know for sure dear, that life is meant to be lived in reality and not in dreams.
~ Susan Jackson

Where you are is where I will be; no matter good or bad; lucky or unlucky; during happy days or sad; what matters most is the time that I get to spend with my very dear, you.
~ Tina Smith

I thank God for blessing me with such sweet mornings with you; They fill my world with your love and just your presence makes it my days the most beautiful.
~ Audrey Keller

What it means to me to have met you, known you and loved you all these days can never be explained in just these 3 simple words, I love you.
~ Brittany Fox

Every morning waking up with you is all that I want, after the loneliness that lasted for 28 long years, I just love being around you.
~ Enid Christie

They say that marriages are made in heaven and I say lives are made with the uniting of two hearts, bodies and souls; You and I.
~ Jacky Storm

I don’t agree when people say that we are two for I know that you are neither different from me nor away from me, as all my mornings are promised with you.
~ Helen Dawson

Finding true love and a wife worthy as you is beyond finding the most precious gift a man can feel proud of and the reason to live for.
~ Rose Mary Johnson

When fear is not present in loving you. When there exist no doubts in trusting you. When no restrictions limit in spending time with you. When there are no demands while wanting you. And there is only acceptance of all that you are, for living with you, is the kind of eternal love I want to gift to you.
~ Christina Marshall


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