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English Good Morning Sms – Good Morning Wishes Message in English

English Good Morning Sms

Good Morning Have a Nice Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes with Pictures, Wallpapers, Photos, DownloadWe always Work for a Better Tomorrow..
But when tomorrow Comes,
Instead of enjoying,
We again think of a Better Tomorrow!
Let’s have a Better Today…!
Good morning….

“Morning” is a good time to
“Remember” all the sweet things and all sweet,
persons in your “Life so Wake Up
with your “SWEET MEMORIES To See This
Beautiful Morning.
Good Morning…..!

Morning is not only sun rise
It’s a Beautiful Miracle of god
that defeats darkness and spread light.
This may be a very beautiful day for you.!!
Good Morning….

Cheerful people are like Sunlight,
They shine in to the corners of the heart &
offer bright mornings and fresh hopes….
Good Morning……

The breeze has awakened the earth,
And sun has colored our world,
The birds have added melody,
I hope I’m not late to wish,
“Good morning”…

Happiness keeps you sweet
triala make you strong
sorrow keeps you Human
failure make you humble
success keeps you glowing and
God keeps you going
Good Morning……

Change is nature of life
But challenge is aim of life,
So you have to challenge the changes,
Not change the challenges….!
Good Morning..

True Wealth is not a
matter Of bank
Accounts and assets
It’s in the Values we
Live and Share as
Well as the person
We keep in touch
With and Care
Good Morning….!

Don’t read success story.
Read only failure story,
Because, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.
Good morning to you….!

Beautiful tomorrow never comes,
When it comes it is already today!
In hunt Of beautiful tomorrow,
Lets not waste the wonderful today.
Good Morning…..!

We think everyday is the same;
Day by day the same routine.
However when we look back
We realize everything’s changed,
Good Morning Guys….!

A smile costs less than electricity,
but gives more light…
Always smile as it is language
which everyone understand…
So keep smiling
Good morning…!

Sometimes Words are not Comfortable to express our feeligs
Our true lovable ones understand our feelings without any Word.
That’s the language of the Hearts..

When you start your day
Keep 3 words in your pocket
TRY-for better future
TRUE-with your work
TRUST-on God
then you will success in your life
“Good Morning”….!

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